Parallel Cat

  • Artist: Konstruct / Alcalica
  • Release Date: Saturday, 10 June 2006
  • Production by: Konstruct


Parallel Cat (Konstruct03): Smooth Radio.

Konstruct recs, vinyl, London 2006.

About the vinyl records

Vinyls released by photovoltaic records 12” vinyls, 140 gr.

Silk screen printed covers.

Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering (Berlin).

limited edition of 500 copies each.

Live CDs sold at concerts, each cover is hand painted



• Loop compilation: Stereo massage; Maidanos. Loop, Athens, 2011.

• Fuck copyright: Prends la Bicyclette. Feel my Bass Productions, 2010.

• Doublemoon remixed II: Asiklarin Sozukalir Alcalica vs Baba Zula. Doublemoon recs, Istanbul, 2009.

• Greek Elektro: Blastik. Universal recs, Athens, 2006.


Sample of commissioned Soundtracks/ Documentaries

• Tarantelles by K.Bellan, Paris 2009. Art movie

• Mare Nostrum by E. Özgüven & P. Holzer, Istanbul 2007. Documentary

• Le Badinage by A. Merino Gomez, Barcelona 2010. Art film

• Manali Cream by N.Kandola, London 2008. Short Film.

• Ektos Epoxis by S.Kraounakis, Athens 2011.Comedy

• Marblecutting machine, Marble Museum Tinos Island 2007. Didactic material

•@linka by Kana Teatr, Sczecin 2007.Live soundtrack performances