filigran analogue electro


A ritual, a trip, music and dance celebrating the Spring

Thanks to all the people who made this spring tour. hosted us, invited us, danced, chanted, got surprised, got upset. Thank you foceans of Marseille, thank you bears of the mountains, thank you for being awake.Thank you for the photos.

Choosing to spend an evening in music and feelings, a shared cocoon, unwind a silk-thread, knots between people, points in time and space, weaving a solid and soft flying carpet. 






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Broken beats, bass music, industrial, world music, electro

"... their glance does not look back at the roots, it looks forward, at the branch of the tree which keeps on developing and growing." (Antonis Xanas - "Ydor" record review)

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Following the release of our sixth vinyl album ΥΔΩΡ we got aired all over Europe's national and underground radio waves. Alcalica also received on-line and paper reviews in Polish, German, Greek, French, Italian, English and Swedish.

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